Immigrant Tips: What to Know about Education in Calgary

Immigrant Tips: What to Know about Education in Calgary

Canada has become one of the leading countries when it comes to accepting immigrants. Many people from all over the world move to the every area in the country to work. Such is the case in Calgary. Every year, the city welcomes new immigrants, who are vital to the workforce. For many, having a job isn’t enough but having some form of education in Calgary as well.

Whether it is a language course or a training program that could better an immigrant employee’s resume, the city and some organizations will be able to provide you with what you need. Here some ideas and information which could help you address your inquiries regarding Calgary education.

  1. LANGUAGE LEARNING. It is quite easy to find courses in English or French. If you are not confident with your use of the English language, there are services for or in-class learning provided by some sectors in the community. Some even provide free tutorials. These institutions don’t just help with speaking skills, but reading, writing and listening as well.
  2. SKILLS ENHANCEMENT. Education in Calgary also means that you can find institutions that can help you boost your resumé. They provide employment-related training, which hones specific skills vital to getting a Canadian employment or keep your current one. Some of the most common among these training programs include clerical training and computer programs, which are significant at this age of technology.

Other immigrants may want to be a full-time college or university students. Institutions in Calgary are providing programs for you as well. Rules may be a little different but if you really want to pursue studies in the city there are some conditions you need to abide by. Here are some information you need to know.

  1. When thinking of the university or college where you want to study, you have to check whether their doors are open to immigrants. The truth is, many allow foreign students to study in their campus granting that they have met the school’s requirements.
  2. In some universities and colleges, there are immigration advisors which can help you out when acquiring pertinent requirements like the study and work permit, visa and other inquiries regarding immigration. If you are already a working immigrant, the process of enrolling may be easier.
  3. If you are living in another country and would like to apply for a student visa to one of Calgary’s educational institutions, it is best to get a hold of an ESL certificate first as most schools require this from non-native English speakers.
  4. Weigh your options as well. How much will the tuition fee cost? How much money should you have in the bank to be able to obtain a study permit? Almost all first world countries need a proof that you will be able to shoulder your expenses while studying especially if your visa does not allow you to work. Such is the case when planning to study in Canada as well.

Canada is now even more open to immigrants, making it less bothersome to pursue studies in the country. This also holds true for immigrant education in Calgary. The most important thing you just need to remember is plan ahead. Also, do not forget that a friendly Canadian is ready to help you with your queries.